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Leave : Summary
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The Summary page summarises information relating to various aspects of crew leave helping you get a quick summary of where each crew member stands in relation to their contractual leave entitlement.

The information is defined by the date range selected at the top in the filter bar. By default, it will show the current month, to the end of the month.

On the leave summary tab, you'll find a summary for:

  • Total number of days within the defined range

  • the number of days each crew member has been onboard

  • The number of travel days

  • the number of days they've been on leave, of which was deductible, non-deductible.

  • the amount of leave they've accrued

  • their accrued leave balance

  • Their number of days that earned salary

  • the number of flights they've taken

  • their flight allowance balance

  • Any adjustments that have been added

You can review an alternative month by clicking on the month itself or using the navigator arrows to the right of the month selected.

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