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The process for scheduling leave for crew depends on whether your vessel is currently using the workrest Leave product or not.

If you're not sure if your vessel is using the workrest Leave product, get in touch with us at

Not using workrest Leave

If you're not using the workrest Leave product, there are two ways leave can get scheduled:

In both cases, in the Vessel Dashboard the leave days will show as black in the calendar. The day will be a solid black if it's in the past, and will be a lighter shade of black if the day is in the future.

Using workrest Leave

To schedule leave from your Vessel Dashboard, head over to the Leave: Review and follow the steps below:

  • Click a day in their calendar, or click the three dot menu below their name and select the ‘Schedule leave’ with the Palm tree icon '🌴'

  • This will now give you the option to enter as much or as little information as you would like.


  • Outbound travel - Assign in ½ day intervals. Travel currently always needs to start at the start of the day (same for inbound travel, which will also need to finish end of day.) It’s a complication we are working towards resolving.

  • Outbound flight - Adding this will take one flight off the crew member flight allowance. You do not have to add a flight to add flight details if the flight is not officially counting against their allowance.

  • Outbound flight details - You can add the departing/arrival flight details, airport, date, time, number, as well as a note at the end. This will all be copied into the email if you choose to notify the crew member.

Leave details - On selection of the leave type, you’ll see the grey cells update with the property of the leave you’ve selected (If it accrues leave, earns salary deducts, at what rate).

If you’ve added outbound travel, the start of the leave period will automatically have been updated for you, if not, you can select the leave start date and then either an end date or enter the duration of the leave and the end date will automatically update for you.

You can add a comment here as well.


  • Review the leave and confirm the details. If you'd like to make changes, you can go back to any of the previous steps by hitting the tab headers running along the top. Simply hit 'Approve' to finish.

  • Notify; Confirm if you would like to notify the crew member or someone else, HOD for example, of the leave that has been assigned.

The scheduled leave will now appear as black days in HoR, or depending on the type Paid Leave (Auburn) Rotation (Purple) or Other (Mint) within the crew members calendar.

Hours review

Leave review

Important to know

You can edit any aspect of the scheduled leave by clicking on one of the leave days in the leave calendar.

Once leave has been scheduled, it will be visible to crew via their app. You are not currently able to prevent scheduled leave from showing in the crew's app.

Once a leave request is approved or leave is scheduled by a vessel admin, crew members will not be able to edit the leave, if a change needs to be made, it will need to be done by a Vessel Admin from the Dashboard. See Amending scheduled leave.

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