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Making an adjustment to a leave balance
Making an adjustment to a leave balance
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If you need to make an adjustment to a calculated leave balance for one of your crew members, you can do so directly through the Summary page on your Vessel Dashboard. Find the crew member you need to make the adjustment for and click on the adjustment icon (shown below).

Once the adjustments popup appears select the date, number of days to adjust the leave balance by, and include a reason as to why you're making the adjustment.

Click "Add Adjustment". Enter the ‘Date’, the ‘Amount’ (and a comment) for which you want the adjustment to take place. Once you're done, click ‘Add’ and the balance will be recalculated automatically for that crew member.

Once added you can then review the ‘Adjustments’ that have been added for the specified date range, ie for the month by clicking on the same column.

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