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Create a contract - Assigning start and anniversary or an end date for crew
Create a contract - Assigning start and anniversary or an end date for crew
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To create a crew contract from scratch, either head over to the Contract Details page, or on the Leave : Review page, click the ‘...’ and ‘View Contract’

On the far right of your selected crew member click the ‘...’ and then ‘Add new contract’

You can now enter the information required to create your crew member's contract which includes:

  • Start and anniversary / end date. We advise setting the 'Start date' as the date that you want the calculations to start from (you'll be able to define a carried balance for the calculations to incorporate). Then assign the anniversary date or an end date if a temp contract.

  • Previously saved profile. You can save an contract profile to use on additional crew members. If you have not created an entitlement profile before, you will not be able to select one here. If you have a saved entitlement profile, this is where you would select it.

  • Trial/probation period. If there is a trial period within the crew members employment contract, you would insert the information for that trial period here (inc. leave accrual during trial period, etc).

  • Leave amount. This is the total amount of leave granted to the crew member within their employment contract. All public holidays should be included in the total. You can also choose whether or not the crew member should accrue leave whilst on leave.

  • Leave calculation. This summarises the number of leave days the crew member accrues for every day on, within their contractual period. If this number is not correct according to your calculations, you can manually change it at this point.

  • Save as a Contract profile. You can save the information you have entered so far as an entitlement profile to be used to create additional crew contracts. Simply give it a name to reference the entitlement profile again in the future.

  • Leave adjustments. If the crew member has already taken leave within their contractual period, you can manually input the number of days taken already to ensure the leave balance is correct from the day you create the crew contract. You can also carry over additional leave days from previous contracts here.

  • Contract renewal. Here you select whether the contract should be renewed automatically once the end date has been reached. You can also select whether to carry over any remaining leave days.

  • Travel information. Here you can insert any flight allowances given to the crew member and specify whether travel time accrues leave or not.

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