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Contract profiles / Leave entitlement profiles
Contract profiles / Leave entitlement profiles
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To save you time when creating crew contracts, you can use a 'Contract profile' to duplicate previously used contractual and leave accrual rates.

Each contract profile will determine the accrual rate / number of leave days a crew member accrues for every day on. As leave entitlement is often the same for multiple crew members, we've enabled you to save the details as 'Contract profiles', which you can then use again for other crew. (Just like work profiles for HoR)

The information saved in a contract profile includes:

  • Trial/probation details.

  • The number of leave days the crew member is entitled to within their contractual period.

  • Whether or not the crew member accrues leave whilst they're on it.

To save a Contract profile, you start by creating a contract and then opt to save the submitted information as a contract profile and giving it a name.

To use a saved contract profile, you would select it from the list of previously saved contract profiles at the point when you're creating a new crew contract.

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