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Contracts overview
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To view the contract details for your crew members, head to the Contract details page.

Here you’ll find all of the active/previous contracts for your crew that are within the defined date range. Here you’ll find:

  • Start and anniversary dates

  • If a trial was added.

  • Type of contract whether permanent or rotation.

  • Leave entitlement and daily accrual rates

  • Flight balances

  • Number of days onboard since they joined

  • And their accrued leave balance

To find a specific crew member, you can filter by department, position and crew member using the filter bar, top left below the page links.

Click on the crew member’s name to bring up their year overview. By default this page will load up for the entire current year, you can amend this to a custom selection, via the filter bar, top left.

If they have previous contracts within that date range, you’ll need to select ‘Terminated : Show’ on the right side below the Action button.

Either from the User : Contract page or the Leave : Contracts page.

If you want to edit the crew member’s current contract, click on the ‘...’ and then ‘Edit contract’ icon (shown below) on the right-hand side of the table and you’ll jump into the contract editor for that contract.

If you want to make a change to the leave balance for a crew member, you can add an adjustment by clicking on the adjustments icon on the Summary page.

To create a contract, you can click on the add contract button at the top here. Select the crew member and go through the contract editor.

To terminate a contract, at the end of the row you can click on the ‘...’ and select the ‘End Contract’ icon. You’ll then be asked for a last date of employment. (If this crew member has admin permission, it will be removed after this date.)

After the termination date has passed, the contract will then appear only when you change the ‘Terminated’ option in the filter bar top right.

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