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What's changing in the new workrest dashboard?
What's changing in the new workrest dashboard?
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Why we redesigned the dashboard

workrest has grown more complex over time, and the new dashboard is an effort to simplify your experience. Our intent is to make workrest more efficient for vessel admins and more approachable for a broad range of people. We’re also creating a consistent foundation for our existing products—and products yet to come.

This new design:

  • Provides quicker access to the pages and reports you use most frequently

  • Gives you more control to customise the date range for the review, summary and report pages

  • Makes features more intuitive by improving their placement

  • Introduces a completely new interface for managing and scheduling crew leave

What’s changing

New features

Page navigation

In | Out board

Leave scheduler

New features

Invite crew

You can invite crew to join workrest directly through the dashboard.

Gantt chart

We’re introducing a Gantt chart to the Leave product, greatly improving your ability to review leave schedules and plan effectively.

Customisable date ranges

You can now set a specific timeframe for any review, summary or report page using the ‘Custom’ date selector.

Flight information

Define the departing and arrival airports for crew travel directly in the leave scheduler.

User pages

Crew details are now easier to see and change through the new individual user pages.

Change their position, grant admin permission, adjust their start date and more. All in one place.

Crew leave report

Each crew member now has an individual leave report page, centralising everything you need to manage their leave in one place.

Watch schedule calendar

Watch schedules are now mapped to a shared calendar on the dashboard, giving you and other vessel admins visibility of your watch roster. More updates and features coming soon to this product.

Page navigation

Product navigation

You can navigate between workrest products via the the left-hand side menu.

Product page tabs

Pages for each product are now accessible via a horizontal menu at the top of the page.

Settings pages

Vessel settings can now be accessed via the 'Settings' cog ⚙️ icon at the top right of the page.

In | Out board

New design

The In | Out board has been redesigned to allow you to see more of your crew on the page without scrolling and to make it easier for crew to check themselves in or out of the vessel.

The status sections have also been shuffled to the following order:

Top of the page

  • In

  • Out

  • Leave

Leave scheduler

Improved travel input

Assigning outbound and inbound travel is now broken out into its own sections in the leave scheduler.

Leave duration

You can now define a duration for a leave period rather than selecting an end date.

Set leave approver

You can now designate an approver for a proposed leave period. And we’ll let them know by email.

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