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July 2022

In | Out launches

Share your status with the rest of your crew at the tap of a button.

June 2022

New workrest app release

Major design overhaul. Still incredibly easy to use, but now more intuitive and beautiful.

August 2020

Leave contracts overview

We've updated the leave contracts page to make it easier for you to get access to the information you need.

August 2020

Updated Month Reports page for Leave

The Month Report summarises information relating to various aspects of crew leave helping you get a quick summary of where each crew member stands in relation to their contractual leave entitlement.

August 2020

Amending leave balances

You can now make adjustments to a leave balance directly through the contracts page.

June 2020

View accrued leave balance for a day within leave

You can now view a leave balance for a day taken or scheduled as leave.

June 2020

Assign flights and travel days separately

You can now assign flights without having to assign travel days.

June 2020

Auto-approve leave requests

You can now automatically approve leave requests and remove them from your dashboard at the flick of a switch.

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