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Remove / terminate crew from your vessel
Remove / terminate crew from your vessel

See how to remove / terminate a crew member from the vessel.

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There are a number of ways you can remove or terminate a crew member from your vessel:

  • Go ⚙️Settings (Top right) ->Users

  • Click on the ‘...’ (far right) for the crew member you wish to remove

  • Click on the red 'remove crew' icon at the end of the crew member's row

  • You can also remove them on when you are on their User : Details page

  • Set their final day onboard and their reason for leaving

Once the crew member has been removed from your vessel, they will appear under the 'Previous' tab on the Crew page, and their account will be unassigned from your vessel and will no longer be able to log hours after the selected end date.

Direct from Hours/Leave

You’ll find under their name the ‘...’ option, click that and there you will be able to quickly access the ‘Remove/Terminate’ option.

Important to know

The removed crew member's previously logged hours will still show within your month review. We do not delete any previous records as you may

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