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Permission Levels
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By default, all users will have no admin permission when they join. This permission status is called ‘No Access’.

You can set varying permission levels (defined below) for your Vessel Dashboard by going to the Users page and then clicking on the user. You’ll then find the ‘Permission’ drop-down, giving you the flexibility to restrict access to sensitive information.

Amend by clicking the 'Permission' drop down and amend to 'Dept only';

Making this change will automatically trigger an email with a link to the Dashboard.

You can choose from 4 levels of permission:

  • Admin — Gives you total, unrestricted, access to your vessel dashboard.

  • All departments — Restricts the user from being able to see vessel information such as billing and compliance details.

  • Department only — Has the same restrictions as the ‘All Departments’ permission level, but further limits the user to only being able to see hours of rest and leave information for crew members within their department. N.B They are unable to access the 'Manage Crew' page. They will also only receive non-compliance notifications for their department. (if the box is checked under the 'NC Emails' column)

  • No access — Prohibits the user from being able to access your Vessel Dashboard.

Important to know

Changing permission levels is restricted to those with ‘Admin’ level access.

You can amend permission levels at any point without limit during your subscription or trial period.

If you have any issues with your Vessel Dashboard access, drop us an email at

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