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Forward scheduling work hours / days [Testing compliance]
Forward scheduling work hours / days [Testing compliance]
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To enter / schedule your crew's hours of work/rest ahead of time and automatically test their compliance, click on an unentered day for a crew member in the Hours : Review in your Vessel Dashboard.

Once selected, a pop-up will appear with a 24-hour timeline for the selected day.

Here you'll have the option to enter work hours by clicking and dragging directly on the timeline, or to apply a 'Work Profile', enter an 'Off day' or a 'Rest Day' by selecting the buttons at the bottom of the pop-up.

If this is your first go at scheduling hours, you won't have any 'Work Profiles' saved yet, so you won't be able to select that option.

If there are multiple work periods within the day, click and drag along for each separate work period.

Once you've entered the work periods, you now have two options to save the day.

Save as:

  • Save - will log the day as a standalone entry

  • Enter Profile Name - will log the day and save the hours as a work profile to be used again in the future

If you select to save the day as a work profile, you'll need to give the logged entry a name. This will allow you to identify the entry when you apply a work profile in the future.

Enter the name and then either hit [Enter]⌨️ or click the '->'.

Once you've logged a day, a lighter green day will appear to signify that the hours for that day have been scheduled.

The crew member can now drag down on their calendar in the app and the hours will appear for them.

Compliance: Previous/Next

If the work entries you have entered cause the previous or following day to become non-compliant, you'll also be notified when entering the hours. See a preview below;

Entering multiple days at the same time

To enter multiple days at the same time, select the 'Add range' button to the left of the date at the top. Select the end date and then select what you would like to enter.

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