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Approve / sign off timesheets
Approve / sign off timesheets
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You can review and approve all crew member's timesheets directly through the monthly review on your Vessel Dashboard.

If a timesheet is ready to be approved, you'll see a green 'ready to sign off' notification.


Simply click on the notification to sign off the timesheet.

Once clicked your initials will appear along with the date in which you signed off the timesheet.


Once complete, the approved timesheet will be automatically delivered to the crew member via an email and will also be ready to export through your Vessel Dashboard.

Important to know

  • If the crew member has entered all their hours through the app, but they’re not showing within your Vessel Dashboard, ask the crew member to drag down on the calendar within the app to sync the entries.

  • If a crew member joined part way through a month, amend their start date to allow you to sign off their timesheets for the period they were onboard. Find out how to do that here.

  • You will be unable to approve a timesheet if the crew member has not verified their email address or created their signature.

  • You will be unable to approve a timesheet if it’s not been completed.

  • If you wish, you can acknowledge individual weeks throughout the month to save having to review the entire month in one go by hitting the empty circle on the right-hand side of each week. The circle will turn green with a tick to signify the week has been acknowledged

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