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How to reset a completed timesheet
How to reset a completed timesheet
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If you want to change the master (name and signature) that appears on a completed timesheet, you can simply reset the timesheet, change the master and then re-approve it.

Follow the steps below to find out how:

In the footer of each calendar, when the month has been signed off, it will have three details shown.

  • Approver - Who clicked and confirmed the timesheet to be signed off.

  • Master - Who was inserted as the master of the timesheet.

  • Timestamp - The date that the timesheet was approved.

You can reset these (remove the 'Master' name & signature) by hovering over the timestamp and clicking on the red 'trash' icon on the right-hand side.

The timesheet will then return to an un-approved state and will display the blue 'Sign off timesheet' button underneath the calendar.

We can now change the master by navigating to the Settings : Hours and choosing a new master from the selector. (Changes will be auto-saved).

Once the correct Master has been assigned, you can sign off the timesheets again by returning to the Hours : Review and clicking on the green 'Digitally sign off entries' button.

If you want to then download them all together, click the 'Export all' button top right.

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