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App : Creating a 'Work Profile'
App : Creating a 'Work Profile'
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Work profiles save you from manually entering your hours of rest for frequently used working patterns.

To create a work profile:

  • Select a day/s on the calendar and enter the hours you wish to create a work profile for

  • Tap the "Save as" button on the navbar:

  • Select a name for your work profile

  • Hit the ‘Save’ button once you’re happy with the name

And that’s it, your work profile is saved and ready to be used again.

Important to know

You’re able to create as many work profiles as needed.

Work profiles are specific to the device, so if you log your hours on multiple devices, you’ll have to create the profile on each device you use.

You’ll always be able to amend the specific hours within your work profile before you apply it to a day.

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