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Add a new crew member
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To get a new crew member set up and synced with your vessel, they simply create an account and select your vessel's name through the signup process.

Crew can access workrest on any device through the app (ios or android) or through their web browser.

As soon as the crew member has joined your vessel, they will appear on the Crew List within your Vessel Dashboard and if you're using workrest for your hours of rest, logged hours will automatically start syncing into your Hours : Review, or for Leave in your Leave : Review

Important to know

We recommend rotational crew members use their personal email address to create their personal account, and then create an additional account using the vessel email, this will ensure that vessel correspondence (non compliant emails etc...) is always sent to the vessel email.

Here's how to turn on notifications for when new crew join the vessel / create a new account - click here

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