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Setting your status
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You can set your status as either on or off the vessel directly through your personal workrest account on either the app or web browser version of the app.

When on your Home screen, you'll see it in two locations, top left and below ‘Your schedule’.

To change your status from In, tap in either of these areas. Once tapped, it will switch to out, and vice versa.

When navigating around the app you can tap using the top left status.

When you return, tap the status again and it will return to on.

Your live status will change for the rest of your crew to see as soon as you've changed it.

When you’ve assigned yourself, or been assigned as on leave, your app will automatically show as ‘On leave’. This also means that your app will be restricted for certain functionality for security reasons, ie you will not be able to access the In | Out board for the vessel.

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